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Sergio started at an early age as a Musician and then moved on to Comedian's show business
Cinzia worked for 30 years in the Finance sector of various multinationals
After the first 20 years in which he was also a comedian, Sergio became the author of some of the most famous Italian comedians
Cinzia, who is a book eater, has a keen talent for writing. She writes articles and is preparing her first book

Sergio Cosentino & Cinzia Scarpa


Sergio Cosentino and Cinzia Scarpa are husband and wife and in addition to love, they share another great passion: that for

Positive Thinking. Born towards the middle of the 1800 in the United States, this school of thought had illustrious exponents such as Phineas Quimby, Florence Scovel Shinn and Emmet Fox. In the following years it was Malinda Cramer and Nona L. Brooks who founded the Church of Divine Science which, together with the Unity Church and Religious Science, were considered the precursors of a real Movement called “The New Thought ”. Later in the early 1900 Clement W. Stone and Louise Hay continued to popularize the work until the arrival, in the second part of the century, of characters such as Wayne Walter Dyer, Erhard F. Freitag , Barbel Mohr and many others. With varying fortunes and making use of various religious references, the supporters of Positive Thinking have always emphasized that in our life randomness does not exist: everything happens thanks to a Divine Design in which we are an integral part of the Universe that surrounds us. This is the reason why we can and must interact, becoming absolutely masters of our thoughts, our actions, our life. Follow the Philosophy of Positive Thinking(Filo-sofia from the Greek where “Filo ” means to follow and “Sophia ” means Wisdom, therefore Follow Wisdom). We must therefore wisely abandon all negative-self-destructive behavior and thoughts to immerse ourselves in an absolute mastery of ourselves, finally learning to love ourselves and to take control of our existence. In “Your erroneous areas ”, published in the 1970s, Wayne W. Dyer tells us how we, and us alone, are the absolute masters of our thoughts and our consequent actions. We must therefore decide whether their nature should be positive or negative. Considering the third law of dynamics, which establishes that everyaction corresponds to an equal and opposite reaction, we can therefore deduce that we are the only ones responsible for everything that happens to us. With millions of copies of this book sold worldwide and dozens of other titles, Dyer, along with many other fellow authors, has become something of a “Guru ” in the 1970s helping many people to improve their lives and capturing the interest of entire generations. We are convinced too that the innate masochism in the mind of man is to be considered the main cause of all the evils that afflict humanity and so we have decided to start an initiative aimed at renewing interest in these theories , which for so long have fascinated many people, and have proved successful in solving the problems that have always afflicted entire generations. Through the publication of Articles, Books, Videos and the organization of Meetings, Events and Courses, we have therefore decided to become ourselves disseminators of a Philosophy which, as we have seen, now has over two hundred years of history and which, reworked by our thoughts , from our techniques and our beliefs, we have renamed Semperunagioia ®. Thanks to all of you, if you would like to devote your attention to us.


Sergio & Cinzia manage together and are owners of the registered trademark Semperunagioia ® 

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