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Each week we publish an Article through which we examine the various aspects of our Philosophy. We talk about Love, Phobias and Fears, Masochism, our Limits, Absolutism, Action and Immobility, Comparison, Good and Evil, Freedom, Anxiety, Happiness, Envy and Jealousy, Resilience, Negative and Positive Thoughts , Respect, Enthusiasm and much more and we like to talk to you that you can write to our e-mails or chat directly through the button at the bottom right of each page of the website.




The Articles that we publish can be found in the Articles Sub Page by clicking here next, while in the Slogans and Thoughts Sub Pages, you will find short phrases and Reflections always related to our beliefs. When you want to discuss with us, on Positive Thinking, we will be happy to do it in person, verbally or in writing.

An hug!

Sergio & Cinzia






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