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At Villa Semperunagioia we will also practice Music Therapy and we will do it exclusively for relaxing purposes and to fully enjoy the serenity of the environment that surrounds us.

Music Therapy is an Art Therapy or a Therapy that is practiced through the artistic expression of means such as Music, Dance, Sculpture, Painting. Through the thoughts and emotions linked to them, the sensations that are not they can be brought out with verbal communication. In each session you can bring something new by listening to a simple sound, an instrument, a new song. Creativity is maximum and you can improvise enriching the harmony . All this makes Music Therapy a great factor for the growth of one's individuality, and defines our ISO (Sound Identity). In fact, each of us has a personal ISO which is the history of our sounds, therefore our memories. , our thoughts, our feelings.

What is Music Therapy

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