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Garden Therapy and Orthotherapy


At Villa Semperunagioia we practice Garden Therapy and Orthotherapy. Particularly suitable for all those who feel the need to spend a few hours or whole days in close contact with Nature. These practices are scientifically recognized as excellent remedies for all those ailments and discomforts related to stress, anxiety and all those factors present in a particular way in the hectic life of the cities in which we live. To participate in our Sessions it is necessary to book through our Booking

Bed & Breakfast


Built on the remains of a medieval castle, Villa Semperunagioia is a wonderful structure dating back to 1850. Finely furnished it also works as a Bed & Breakfast through sophisticated solutions in single, double or twin room. The activities of garden therapy, orthotherapy, music therapy and more are obviously optional but included in the price for those who stay at the facility. To stay with us it is necessary to book through our Booking

The hills of Piacenza


Just an hour and a half from Milan, the Piacentine Hills area is a wonderful area rich in history, art and culture. Seat of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza in medieval times, it still preserves dozens of castles, villas and manors intact where it is possible to stay, eat, participate in events and above all visit the perfectly preserved structures used as museums, amphitheaters, hotels, restaurants. The faunal and floral heritage with dozens of animal species that live peacefully in harmony with man and the territory is also very interestin

The Food Valley


The Piacenza hills are undoubtedly the Italian Food Valley. In this area there are dozens of D.O.P. such as cured meats, wines, cheeses. Coming to stay with us therefore means tasting the best of world famous Italian cuisine. Homeland of fresh pasta, the Emilia Romagna Region is, together with many others, one of the areas of Italy that most exports the magnificent products of a kitchen certainly in first place in the tastes of millions of people all over the planet. The products that you will consume here are all zero kilometer

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