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In the Loggiato of Villa Semperunagioia we are setting up a small exhibition of ancient objects of the peasant culture that we love very much. In this photo you can see a Singer sewing machine, an Arcolaio, a wine barrel, a wooden tub, a container for milk, various copper pans and more

We created Sempreunagioia® because we decided to pass

our experience there. Many people are not serene, they are not Happy,

but they have not yet understood that most of their unhappiness comes

from their own behaviors, from their thoughts. Many people in the world do

not realize that the masochistic behaviors that each of us carries out every

day, now a real habit of life, are the very reason for unhappiness and the

lack of serenity in our own existence. If we understood that most of the

times when things do not go as we would like, the cause is to be attributed

to ourselves, our life would be different: we would be serene, we would be

successful, we would be Happy. We firmly believe in Positive Thinking and

in a life lived in harmony with nature. Through our website and our social

networks, we will try to share our experience with you, our knowledge, our

research on thinkers, doctors, psychologists, experts, theologians,philosophers

who have developed the theories of Positive Thinking (New Thought) and who

have contributed to change the lives of millions of people for the better. We will then share Phrases, Thoughts, Images, Videos, Advices and everything that can be useful to spread this knowledge to all the Friends who want to follow us. Villa Sempreunagioia will soon be born, a Structure where we will carry out our activities of Courses, Conferences, Readings, Relaxation Stays, Educational Farm, Garden Therapy, Orthotherapy, Music Therapy, Production and Consumption of absolutely Organic Products. If it is true that happiness translates into moments, in our life we feel serene and very often happy, so we would like to help you feel like us, with humility, without presumption, but with the certainty that if we can also just a little to reach this goal this will increase the Harmony and the Good in and around us.

An hug.

Sergio & Cinzia



The Book of the Week

This week we recommend  "Your second life begins when you realize you only have one"by Raphaelle Giordano. More details in the Books Section of the Advice Page.

The Movie of the Week


This week we recommend "Experience never gets old" Directed by Nancy Meyers. More details in the Movies Section of the Advice Page.

Fear: A Bad Adviser 

Since the beginning of its history, man has lived with fear, just like all the rest of the animal kingdom. In fact, it is fundamental to the defense and the spirit of conservation of all animal species. Fear, as we know, produces a hormone, the famous Adrenaline, which induces physical and mental changes and which prepares for action by making the subject decide whether to flee or remain immobile (Flight or Fight). These behaviors thus protected our ancestors from the dangers of their age such as wild animals, environmental disasters, hostile tribes and more.
Fears nowadays are obviously no longer those related to wild animals that can attack us or to wild tribes with which we can go to war, but rather those related to the loss of work, the loss of home, the risk of contracting serious diseases, anxieties related to life changes and in general the addition of all those daily problems connected to the stressful life that our generations lead. However, the physical and psychological reactions to these stimuli have remained the same, those alarm bells that push us to defend ourselves or to immobilize ourselves in an attempt to escape the danger. As we said at the beginning, this survival instinct is normal and natural and has helped our species to preserve itself, progress and thrive to this day. It is not normal, but on the contrary counterproductive when the fear is experienced in an exaggerated way or out of context. The two reactions to the fear stimulus are attack or flight. The first pushes us to face the threat sometimes in a very exaggeratedly aggressive way to the point of being constantly prevented from the events that can disturb us, thus becoming habitually aggressive and defensive people always and in any case without reason. The second constantly leads us to flee, getting used to not facing the problems and situations that require our intervention in favor of a peaceful and happy prospering of our existence.

In the literature, however, there are two other reactions to dangerous situations: Freezing and Faint. Freezing, from the English word, is a "freezing" of the subject, an immobility that allows not to be seen by the "predator" in the meantime that the victim can evaluate which strategy (attack or flight) is the most suitable for that situation. If neither of these two strategies can work, however, the only possible extreme ratio remains the Faint (fake death). It is an extreme reaction that manifests itself as the simulation of an automatic and unconscious death always dictated by that atavistic instinct relating to our animal ancestry that makes us instinctively behave as such and in these cases as "dead animals" aware that predators prefer live prey. In these cases, the dorso-vagal system is activated which sometimes causes a detachment from the experience, leading the subject to possible dissociative symptoms, as in the case of traumatic events. And this explains why many people often dissociate themselves completely from the problems that afflict them, removing them to the point of pretending that they are not present in their existence.
The instincts and defensive behaviors, as we have said, are useful and are part of our defensive system that leads to the conservation of the species. However, when these changes become habitual and the alarm bells related to stress and bodily and mental behaviors related to threats that are no longer present do not go off, then all this becomes a negative and deleterious mechanism for our body, for our pool. and for our serenity of life.On a physical level, Fear involves a whole series of disorders that are usually only annoying, but which can reach heavier and more serious levels such as: muscle tension, increased heart rate, mobility and gastrointestinal symptoms, cold sweat, dry mouth, shoulder pain, sore head and chest, leg weakness, while increased blood pressure can cause fainting, blurring of vision and ringing in the ears
From a psychological point of view, the positive aspect may be that the fear that keeps us under stress, thus preparing us to face a threat, also focuses us on the problem, increasing our problem-solving skills. However, when the response to Fear becomes excessive, the subject tends to think that a problem has no solution, thus developing Negative Thinking towards himself and the rest of the world which is perceived as a constant form of threat. Over time, therefore, the physical and psychological aspects become one, triggering automatic mechanisms of Negative Thinking such as Hypochondria: "I have a protuberance, it must surely be a bad disease" ... "I have a pain in my chest, it must be a heart attack "etc etc.
Like generalized pessimism: "the problem I have today will never be solved" ... "I am alone and I will never find the woman or man of my life" ... "The world is a terrible place where terrifying things happen" ... " All the people I know are always trying to rip me off ”etc etc.

This is how people get used to maintaining a very high and constant level of stress always aimed at negative events rather than positive ones, thus getting used to practicing Negative Thinking instead of Positive Thinking.
The Sempreunagioia® People are not those who have repressed their survival instincts and their defense mechanisms such as Fear, in fact, but rather those able to dose the level of these receptors in the right way to ensure that they can function in the correct way. , giving us the alarms we need at the right moments, but at the same time leaving us the pleasure of living a peaceful and happy life for the rest of the time. The Semperunagioia People are those people who can demonstrate that they can live in a balanced way with their animal instinct and their superior intelligence.
Sergio Cosentino




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